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Small shed makeover

Budding Contributor
Budding Contributor

This clever project uses pegboards and purpose-cut holes in shelves to make the most of a small shed.





The project


My shed is very small. It's 1.1m x 3.6m, so it's more of a glorified cupboard. I was keen to make the most of it, so vertical was the way to go.


First I gave the inside a coat of some leftover interior paint.


Then I installed the laminate floor – it's not the first choice for a workshop but the space is a bit too tight to actually work in, so it was a way to give the space more of a sense of completeness.


I went for the Floor Select Terrene Oak Bevelled Edge Laminate Flooring. Two packs was the perfect amount. It needs underlay, and I also installed trim and transitions to neaten the finish and protect it a bit from future damage.


Then I installed two Masonite pegboards (1220mm x 915mm x 4.8mm), mounted on the stud wall with the help of some leftover pickets from a picket fence.


Peg boardPeg board


I bought a few different types of hooks because I wasn't sure what would work best. I liked the black Pinnacle ones – they fitted snugly in the holes and have caps on the end (which is important as I'm likely to bang into them getting things off the shelves).




I modded some of the shelving by cutting in some round holes for my drills to sit neatly in and for my circular saw to sit flush with the blade attached.




I'm still looking to organize some of my larger garden tools. I think I'll end up mounting something on the wall to let them hang.




I organised all my screws and nails with the help of two Tactix storage containers, one single-sided and one double-sided for the smaller bits and bobs. These containers are amazing. I will be getting a couple more to help organise my IT workspace too.




This all started because I couldn't find a pair of pliers and I wanted to practise some skills to do some bigger projects. I never found the pliers.


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Let us know if you need a hand with your project. We're here to help.


Budding Contributor



:smile: You have just given me ideas to continue with fro my Laundry/tool storage area at home! :smile: Loved the pegboard idea and dont know why I havnt thought of that myself!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Great to see you've been inspired @Dave-1. I trust as you start to browse the Bunnings Workshop site you'll find our community is full of great ideas. We are looking forward to seeing your own projects and plans soon. 


Welcome aboard. Please let me know if you ever need a hand getting the most from the site. 




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