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Terracotta succulent pot

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Recycle these dip containers into mini succulent pots by drilling a drainage hole.


Dip container turned succulent pot 3 _ The Organised Housewife.JPG

The project

What do you get when you mix a girl's love for crackers, dip and succulents? This D.I.Y. project was super simple for a drill novice like me, and the end result is so cute.


How to make a succulent pot


Step 1

Eat the dip! Chris' Heritage range dips come in sealed terracotta pots which are perfect for repurposing. However, they need a drainage hole to turn it into a pot for plants.
Dip container turned succulent pot 1 _ The Organised Housewife.JPG

Step 2

Place a chopping board and old towel underneath your work area.

Step 3

Put a piece of tape on the bottom of the pot over the area you want to drill.

Step 4

Have on hand water to pour onto the pot, and pour some onto the pot ready for the drilling process.

Step 5

Using a drill with a 8mm glass and tile bit, start drilling your hole over the taped area.
Dip container turned succulent pot 2 _ The Organised Housewife.JPG

Step 6

Continue adding water to keep the area wet.

Step 7

Once you have your drainage hole, fill the pot up with cactus and succulent soil, and add a little succulent and pebbles for decoration.



  • A terracotta dip pot


  • Tape


  • A drill, with an 8mm glass and tile bit 


  • Cactus and succulent soil


  • A cute little succulent


  • Bottle of water


  • Chopping board


  • Old towel


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