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Tile mosaic table centrepiece

Having an Impact
Having an Impact


A table centrepiece made from old tiles, secured with grout and covered in finishing wax.




Step 1


Firstly, I found a piece of scrap wood and got everything out that I needed. 




Step 2


I then got to work setting the tile pieces down in a pattern I was happy with. I broke a few pieces up using a hammer to create smaller tiles when needed.



Step 3


When I was happy with the pattern, I transferred them off the board so that I could apply the adhesive. I taped around the edge of the board to hold any loose adhesive in place. Then using the adhesive scraper, I applied the adhesive and scored lines down the centre like this. 



Step 4



Step 5


Then I placed each tile back on the board. This is so satisfying to do.



Step 6


Once all the pieces were in place, I left it to dry for 24 hours. 



Step 7


After the adhesive had set, it was time to grout. Once mixed with water, the grout is a thick paste. I applied it using my gloves and pushed it into each crevice. I then used a damp sponge to smooth it out and remove the excess.



Step 8


I then left it to dry overnight. The following day, I used an orbital sander with fine grit sandpaper to smooth off any rough edges and blend the grout into the timber. 


Step 9


I then waxed the entire piece using white wax. This sealed the grout and tile and makes it easier to clean.



Step 10


And then I set this in the middle of my dining table. It makes a nice setting for flowers, candles, picture frames, or could be used to serve a bowl of chips and dip. I love this travertine tile, and love how it ties in with my outdoor area tiles. 





Materials used in the project:



Home Improvement Guru

Afternoon @kimamery 

:surprised: That looks great! Usually I scroll past tiling (scared to do it really :smile: ) I have seen a few different moasics and thought maybe, but yours is the closest to showing how to and what to do.


So is there a reason you straightened out the glue lines from the curves in the previous shot?


Inspiring work.



Having an Impact

Thanks @Dave-1 

No reason in particular, maybe a little OCD? 🤣

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