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Upcycled Hamptons-style dining table

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Established Contributor

This 15-year-old dining table was stripped, varnished and painted for a fresh look.





The project


Our dining table is 15 years old and we wanted to update the look. Instead of buying a new one, we thought it was better to reuse and save both money and the environment. The table was originally made from recycled Oregon with an orange and brown stain. The idea was to strip off the varnish and paint the sides to give it a Hamptons-look, which my wife likes.


How to upcycle a dining table


Step 1


Take off the legs and clean the table thoroughly and let it dry. Wear disposable gloves and work outside with lots of ventilation. Apply Polystrippa Paint Stripper with a paintbrush and let it stand for 4-5 mins. Scrape off and collect the old varnish. The varnish comes off wet and then dries very quickly.


table 2.png


Step 2


After removing the varnish, you can start sanding. I used 240-grit as it is more forgiving if I make a mistake. After all the scratches have been sanded away and the surface is smooth to touch, sand by hand using 300-grit sandpaper.


Step 3


Apply varnish using a brush and wipe off any excess. Let it dry overnight and lightly sand the surface by hand. Repeat three times. Paint the sides and legs with two coats of paint. This table was dried for four days before we moved it back in.




  • Polystrippa Paint Stripper


  • Monarch Razorback Scraper


  • Ryobi 300W Random Orbital Sander


  • 240-grit and 300-grit sandpaper


  • Timber Protect Gloss One Coat Clear Water Based Varnish


  • Dulux paint.


Before and after






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