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Old garage transformed into office mancave

Getting Established

Old garage transformed into office mancave

We brought our first home this year. My husband needed an office as he works from home full time.


So our first project was to convert this old 30-year-old run-down garage into a office space that was comfortable for him to work. 


This has by far been the hardest thing we have ever done while juggling two kids, however we are extremely proud 









  • Paints - DULUX


  • We have a desk also that is attached to the wall, all brackets black matte and the wood used for desk top is blackbutt panel, this wood is strong and totally recommend . This is in store.



Step 1

Frame the walls  and ceiling after a lot of measuring and planning.


ceiling insulation tape .jpeg 


Step 2

Added the Insulation silverwrap and then pink batts for ceiling and earthwool. 


ceiling pink batts .jpeg

Step 3

drywall .jpeg


Drywall the ceiling to begin with, after this we began framing walls before dry walling the lot. 

Step 4

8E74BCDE-6162-466B-8A9A-FE8BA2BEC509 (1).jpeg


Plaster the dry wall - sand, plaster again. 


You'll get sore arms but its a good work out :smile: 

Step 5

undercoat .jpeg


Undercoat the drywall before your final coats of paint. 


Sand between coats. 

Step 6



Now we look forward to having a office / hubbys man cave, separate from the house.... 


Skirtings underway then painting the door and this project will be 100% done!! 

Making a Splash

Re: Turning a 30Y/0 garage into a office/mancave

@christinamack88 , small steps at first, fantastic end result , you will prob find you you will tweek it as you go

Kind of a Big Deal

Re: Turning a 30Y/0 garage into a office/mancave

Hi @christinamack88 


Great result. 👍

What's happening in the ceiling corners? Is there cornice I can't see?

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Turning a 30Y/0 garage into a office/mancave

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @christinamack88. It's sensational to have you join us, and many thanks for sharing your wonderful project.


Wow, what an incredible undertaking! Converting a garage into a functional and stylish office/mancave is no small feat, especially with the added challenges of juggling two kids. It's evident that you took the time to ensure every aspect was done right, resulting in a beautifully finished office/mancave. I can only imagine how excited your husband must be to have a dedicated workspace that provides both comfort and functionality. 


Any plans for adding artwork, plants, or personal mementos to give the office/mancave a personal touch?


Terrific work, and well done!




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Re: Turning a 30Y/0 garage into a office/mancave

Thank you. I have a massive new appreciation for builders. Painters. Plasterers and any sort of tradies. These jobs are hard work. :smile: 

Re: Turning a 30Y/0 garage into a office/mancave

Thanks so much, 

Im painting them currently, just did the undercoats. They will go on, along with a desk this week :smile: 


Re: Turning a 30Y/0 garage into a office/mancave

Thanks so much I really appreciate it. 

yes there will be lots more going on. 

after we have popped the desk on, ( currently drying from varnish ) then we will be adding some speakers. Shelves and plants that do well in the dark. 
along with some art hopefully :smile: 



Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Re: Old garage transformed into office mancave

Hello @christinamack88,


Many thanks for sharing your home office project with us. I agree with the rest that it's a fantastic project. 


How did you go with updating the office? We would love to see the final look you've created and details of your process.




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