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garage wood flooring


garage wood flooring

hi guys I jwant to do wood flooring in my garage this is my first time doing it please give me any advice how can I do it myself 

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Re: garage wood flooring

Hi @onkar,


Welcome to Workshop. We trust you'll receive loads of helpful advice and inspiration for your home improvement projects from our community members. Thanks for joining in the discussion. 


Can you please tell us a bit more about this project so members can provide more helpful replies? What kind of wooden flooring are you considering? Are you wanting to turn the garage into a habitable room, workspace or continue to use it for cars? 


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I will also tag @PJA and @Brad for you so they are alerted to your post and can add their thoughts once you have clarified what you are planning to do.


Thanks again,




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Re: garage wood flooring

Yeah, not sure what you're after @onkar. The key is letting us know what you want to use it for...

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Re: garage wood flooring

G'day Onkar, quite an open question.
I guess we could limit the conversation to floating floors. - NO bearers or joists.
My mother just laid down a vinyl floor in her garage, wood pattern; looks great.
Wouldn't stand up to any industrial type of wear, like trolleying about heavy loads of stuff. It would be quite serviceable for a studio or light storage area.
I guess you have a purpose in mind other than parking the Lambo.
Floating floors are easy to install by yourself and only require a underlay and some scotia or skirting boards around the edges and trims where there are no walls to finish it off.
The question really is Timber verses Laminate (or Hybrid).
Timber is the real deal. Looks like Timber and wears like timber. It will scratch and dent and wear; but that is, to those who choose it, the appeal.
Laminates and hybrids look like timber. Despite what anyone says, unless it is cheap rubbish, you can not tell it apart from timber, and comparatively it is bullet proof.
It is hard to scratch, or dent and will look like new for 20 years or more depending on the quality purchased.
Me, I'm a laminate man.
We have previous articles in the workshop on laying, but ask The Bunnings expert if you need a heads up. very easy to do and a garage should be knocked over in a day, even for a novice.
Good Luck.

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