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A starter wants build a planter to hide the hose

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A starter wants build a planter to hide the hose

Hi guys, would like to build a planter to hide the water tap in my front yard, just like the picture attached. But have never done a similar job before. Can anyone please advise me what timber and nail/screw should I use? Also if you can share some tips/experience that will be much appreciated. Thank you guys. 


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Re: A starter wants build a planter.

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @KIM89. It's fantastic to have you join us and many thanks for your question.


Have you found the plans and build instructions for this unit already? If you Google DIY hose hiding outdoor planter you find a full list of materials and videos on assembly. They would certainly be the first place to start if you wanted to build this exact planter.


I'll try to substitute some of the materials into readily available products and sizes below:










Please be advised this is a US-based project and their sizing doesn't match what's available here. I've picket treated timber in as close to the same sizes as possible. As there is a discrepancy in the sizing all the lengths I've given are approximations and you'll need to adjust them to suit the size you want to build. Unfortunately, sometimes it is just easier to start from scratch and work out your own design instead of replicating a project that uses imperial timber sizing and measurements.


Climacoat screws would be suitable to use in treated pine.


Let me also mention a few of our woodworking experts @Poppop, @r23on and @woodalwaysworks to see if they would like to join the conversation.


Please let me know if you need further information or had questions.




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Re: A starter wants build a planter.

Maybe leave a small gap between the slats as well, If its holding a hose or stored outside its likely to get wet - wet wood swells up and if the slats all get wet and swell with no gap - they can kinda pop themselves off and bend and warp (made that mistake building a box for my spearpoint pump lols)

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Re: A starter wants build a planter to hide the hose

I don’t see any handles on the lid. Lifting a lid filled with soil and a plant will have a bit of weight and pressure on those mitre joints in a direction there not designed. I don’t think it will last 

could you make a decorative box to cover a retractable hose

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