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Benefits of the 18V Ryobi One lawnmower over the 18V Ozito PXC (apart from price)?


Benefits of the 18V Ryobi One lawnmower over the 18V Ozito PXC (apart from price)?

We have an old Ozito corded lawnmower that is on it's way out so are looking to replace it with a new one. Given we only have lawn at the front and it's not that big a patch (takes about 10-15 minutes to mow currently) was thinking about getting either an Ozito or Ryobi cordless mainly for the convenience and ease of use. Currently you can pick up the Ozito for $199 and the Ryobi for almost double at $399, so what extra if anything is this extra $200 going to get me if I opt for the Ryobi over the Ozito since both seem to have almost identical specifications (though the Ozito is brushless) and fairly similar warranties. Has been suggested I look at petrol but given the size of lawn and the lack of maintenance needed for a battery model mostly discounted it though happy to hear others ideas.

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Re: Benefits of the 18V Ryobi One lawnmower over the 18V Ozito PXC (apart from price)?

Welcome to the bunnings Workshop community @agilestatue. It's fantastic to have you join us and many thanks for your question.


Both of these mowers will cope quite well with a lawn that takes 10-15mins to mow. The Ozito is slightly louder at 92dB to the Ryobi's 78.9dB. The Ryobi will cut fractionally lower to 20mm and has a 60mm wider cutting width. The Ozito has a quicker 1.15-hour charge time versus the 2-hour charge time on the Ryobi. The Ryobi is also 3.5 kilograms heavier.


Looking at the specifications, the Ozito has some quite good attributes for an entry-level machine. Things to bear in mind are that the components used in the Ryobi and its construction are of a more premium variety. The type of lithium cells used in the battery, the motor that it is running and how it is constructed all play a big part in the final price. An example of the difference in construction is the weight. The plastics used to construct the chassis on the Ozito are very thin-walled compared to the Ryobi. The Ryobi is more than capable of the rigours involved in being bumped into trees and stone edging, the Ozito would need to be treated with a bit more care.


It sounds like the Ozito would suit your requirements, be perfect for your lawn as it takes 10-15mins to mow and if you don't have any obstacles that could cause damage I would certainly recommend it to you. If you were looking for a product of more premium construction and a battery system that will most likely outlast that of the Ozito I would recommend the Ryobi.


Please let me know if you need further information or had questions.




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