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Caring for Lithops

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Caring for Lithops



Hi all, I need a bit of advice about Lithops my step daughter asked me about them but I couldn't give her much advice, she was told you only water them twice a year would appreciate any info 



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I grow a lot of succulents but don't have any lithops. They are very beautiful, I will have to get some! 


The advice your step daughter received doesn't sound very useful, although it is crucial not to overwater them. Some quick research suggests when you water is just as important as how much. You don't water at all in the dormant season, otherwise they will rot. But it looks like you need to know what species you have for when watering is best. 


This is an interesting article - 

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Re: Lithops

Lithops are really beautiful.




Here's some watering advice @Flo54.


Lithops have a yearly cycle of growth, and it is essential to water only during certain stages and to keep the soil dry at other stages of their growth. Over-watering is the chief cause of early demise. Too much water and they rot or produce new bodies at the wrong time of year. Too little water and they become stunted.


How often you water depends on how quickly the potting medium dries out. In general, drench the plant and leave it to dry out completely (probably 1-2 weeks). Then wait a couple more days before watering again. If in doubt….don’t! It is best to water in the mornings so that the excess water evaporates and the upper layers of soil dry out fairly quickly. Some general guidelines for watering (but this may vary somewhat by species):


Water from late spring into summer.


When the plant goes dormant in the summer, stop watering. If the plant really shrivels, give just enough water to restore the firm appearance of the plant, but only water until about the top one-half inch of the soil is moistened.


Resume watering in late summer-early autumn, when the plants resume growth and bloom. The first sign of growth is when the fissure between the leaves begins to separate in preparation for flowering.


Lithops should be left totally dry throughout winter and spring. Stop watering to allow the old leaf pair to dry out and the new pair develop. By early spring the new body should be visible. Watering can be resumed once the remains of the old body are completely shriveled and dry. If water is given too soon, the old “leaves” will try to continue to grow and the plant will not develop properly. Remember, the old leaves should totally dry up as the new leaves are growing.

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Re: Lithops

Thank you very much CathD great information

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