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DIY chicken feeder

Kind of a Big Deal

DIY chicken feeder

So we have a problem with heaps of Doves coming into the Chook Run eating their food. I have made a simple bucket feeder that may help with less waste on the ground for the Doves to eat. I just used a clean bucket with lid, large hole saw fitting. I used sandpaper to smooth the rough edges. Made four holes so no fighting when feeding. Don’t need to put too much food in there. It’s always under cover so protection from the rains. Worth a go. When the girls are hungry they will work out how to feed from it.


  • Bucket with lid
  • Sandpaper
  • Black texta
  • Chook feed 


  • Drill with hole saw attachment 


Step 1



I bought a clean bucket from Bunnings to use as a feeder for my Chickens. 

Step 2



Marked an outline with texta for the depth. 

Step 3



Drilled four holes around the bucket for the Chooks to feed. Large holes. 

Step 4



Rubbed down the edges to make it smooth and safe for the Chooks. 

Step 5



Added the chicken feed, not too much. 

Step 6




The bucket is hung up off the ground. It’s under an umbrella and underneath a tree so it is protected from the rain. 

Hopefully the rats should not be able to access it but we shall see. 

It’s actually the DOVES we are having a problem with, they keep eating the food from the old open feeder. I made this to try and stop them. 

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Re: DIY chicken feeder

Hi @mich1972,


This is such a great project and it looks like your chooks are happy already! It is crazy to think that doves can fit through that wiring but I am sure your feeder will do the trick.




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Kind of a Big Deal

Re: DIY chicken feeder

Morning @KatieC Thank you 😊 fingers crossed it works 

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