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Front lawn

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Front lawn




My front lawn needs re doing. I initially 4 months ago mixed the original soil with garden soil I had left over that I purchased for my veggie patch that was dumped on the front yard. Silly me didn’t do anything about it and now the whole lawn is full of weeds. I was planning on putting turf on it. 

I am now removing all the weeds and starting again.  I have to also remove some soil as it’s too much for the area. 

My area of lawn is 70x 50 m sq approx. 

it’s full sun. And it’s not used for anything. Just to look nice outside of house. As it’s unit 3 out of 6. I will eventually put maybe a tree in middle of the lawn.  


Just stuck on a few things. I have 3 cats that go outside and tend to use the soil and play in it and I worry that they will dig whilst it’s growing and then will have patches everywhere. So would turf be better for this or should I still use seeds But then turf is $$ for an area that I won’t be utilizing. 
Secondly what grass would be best for this. Full sun front lawn. Not much usage. 
thirdly I’m manually pulling out the weeds. Should I be using a weed killer? Would it help? 



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Bunnings Team Member

Re: Front lawn

Welcome to the Workshop community @Aleks7. It's great to have you join us and many thanks for your questions.


If you plan on spreading seeds then you might like to consider blocking the area off from the cats until the grass is established. You could use some bird netting draped over some timber stakes for this purpose. Obviously, laying turf is going to be an instant solution but as you mentioned is more costly.


If the weeds are well established and hard to pull out then I would suggest a weedkiller such as Yates 3L Ready To Use Zero Weedkiller Big Gun.


You might be interested in reading through the discussions How to improve your lawn this Spring and How do I repair this lawn which have some great info within them.


I'll include step-by-step D.I.Y. tutorials on How to grow grass from seed and How to lay turf which I trust you'll find useful in this process.


Please let me know if you need further information or had any questions.






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