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Golden Cane Palm leaves dying after planting


Golden Cane Palm leaves dying after planting

Hi, I've purchased a : 

200mm Golden Cane Palm - Dypsis lutescens
5 days ago. After the first day planted, I noticed the leaf ends starting to brown. Now all the leaves look like they're dying. Is this a normal occurrence? Am I doing something wrong? 
I've planted in a well drained planter with top soil. 
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Bunnings Team Member

Re: Golden Cane Palm leaves dying after planting

Hello @staceymaxi


Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community. Thank you for joining us and sharing your question about your Golden Cane Palm.


Several factors may cause your 200mm Golden Cane Palm - Dypsis lutescens leaves to turn brown.


  • The plant may be over/under-watered. Check that the topsoil is moist but not waterlogged. I suggest placing a Northcote Pottery Terracotta Italian Saucer under your pot in case you are not able to water regularly.


  • It has been exposed to intense heat/cold. The cane palm is a tropical plant and prefers to be in bright sunny areas.


  • Only use slow-release fertilizer during planting season.


Because the plant has been stressed you may get several more offshoots of brown leaves. Place the Palm in a non-windy spot in a bright area where it can recover. Please keep us updated.


Let me tag our experienced members @Adam_W and @Noelle for their recommendations.


If you need more advice or information, please let us know.




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Re: Golden Cane Palm leaves dying after planting

Hi @staceymaxi 

@EricL 's advice is great - it isn't unusual for plants to show some transplant trauma especially if they've gone from near-perfect conditions in a nursery or similar to conditions that are a little more challenging at home.

Give it time and I think it will be OK but it may need a little nursing through the next couple of months.


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