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Growing chokos with a garden arch

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Growing chokos with a garden arch

Growing chokos is one of the easiest and most rewarding gardening activities, as they are simple to cultivate, easy to prepare in the kitchen and eat. These are vine plants and they like to spread, so to contain the chokos to a small manageable area, we decided to try using a garden arch. It worked so well and we were able to harvest around 20kg of fruit. 


Garden Arch - we got ours from Bunnings, It was very sturdy and had no signs of any rust after six months outside.




  • Chokos Fruit
  • Screwdriver and Allen keys to assemble arch




Step 1

Plant the choko seed in spring or summer in a sunny area and water.





Step 2

  • Assemble the arch and place it in a sunny position; a garden path would be ideal.
  • When the vines appear, guide or thread them along the arch.




Step 3

Harvest the fruit in autumn



Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Growing chokos with a garden arch

What a harvest @Nham! They look terrific, and the garden arch appears like it worked a treat.


Did you fertilise the plant at all?


Many thanks for sharing.




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Re: Growing chokos with a garden arch

Dear @MitchellMc,


Yes, we use Rooster Booster, and we use it on all our plants. This stuff is amazing; we get so much fruit from our lemon, orange, and guava trees. We only fertilise about twice a year. Stay well.



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