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Guava fruit browning and dying

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Guava fruit browning and dying

Hi Everyone,


I have a guava tree which was brought a year and half ago and currently in a pot. Had a few flowers and few fruits this year for the first time however all gradually turning brown and black eventually. starts as Complete green and gradually brown lines appear and shrivels and dies please see pics. Wondering what might be wrong.







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Re: Guava fruit browning and dying

@Neo19 Thanks for your question, I'm sure one of our knowledgeable Workshop community members like @Adam_W  will have some great advice.


Perhaps Stylar End Rot is a possibility which has similar symptoms to those you describe.

I am not noticing the 'lines' you mention in their description however.

The disease can be treated with a fungicidal spray and removing effected debris.


Do the fruit end up soft and mushy?


I'm looking forward to hearing from other members what the affliction is.

Please let us know how you go.






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Re: Guava fruit browning and dying

Hey @Neo19 bummer about that. Hate it when that sort of thing happens to fruit as they start developing.
Okay, @MitchellM could be right. Possibility too of either fruit canker or dry fruit rot but certainly leaning towards fungal problems.
Found a couple of webpages that I'll add the links below & you can have a read through & see what fits.
But matter at hand....
Firstly remove all of the diseased and damaged fruit & leaves. Collected any fallen leaves and fruit. Whatever you use to prune them off with wash with metho after wards to sterilise. Put the removed & collected bits in a sealed plastic bag & put this in the bin. Not in the greenwaste & do not add to the compost or worm-farm.
Then give the whole thing a spray - leaves, fruit, stems, trunk, (including soil surface) - with a general purpose fungicide & being a food-plant you want to keep it friendly.
Using a combination (applied separately) of eco-fungicide and Anti-Rot should give some good broad-spectrum anti-fungicidal cover but I would apply both at least twice at recommended rates & intervals.
Also watch how the plant is being watered as many fungal disorders stem from watering problems. Make sure the plant is being consistently watered, not too wet, not too dry, and do not have a saucer underneath it if it remains filled with water.
Also, make sure the plant has good air circulation around it but it does appear to.
Okay, hope this helps.


Here are those links for your reading pleasure...

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Re: Guava fruit browning and dying

Thank you very much for your valuable advices @Adam_W and @MitchellM. Sorry that it has taken a while to get back.


@MitchellM it didn't turn mushy, rather ended up becoming a very hard brown ball.


I have done a thorough leaf removal as you guys suggested.


@Adam_W I have been inconsistent in watering and occassionally pet the leaves droop down before watering. So that sounds like the reason for the fungus. 


Will let you know the outcome if/when it fruits again :smile:


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