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How deep to plant tall snapdragons from punnet

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How deep to plant tall snapdragons from punnet

is there suitable depth to plant punnets of snapdragons

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Re: How deep to plant tall snapdragons from punnet

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When planting snapdragons you should select a location in full sun. Make sure you turn over the top 20cm of soil and then level the area. Dig holes 15 - 30cm apart that are large enough to accommodate the plant's rootballs. Make sure you keep the top of the plant's rootball level with the surrounding soil. Fill with soil until it is even with the top of the root ball. Press the soil down firmly with your hand. You can create a small depression around the plant to hold water. Water them in thoroughly so the soil settles and beds the plant in.


Please let me know if you need further assistance or had any questions about this process.




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