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How do i do the garden edging of my front yard?

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How do i do the garden edging of my front yard?

I have bought  corrugated garden  edging   from Bunnings but not too happy with it .Since it is in rolled form and  when opened you don't get a straight  line.


I now propose to put some wooden edging . could you tell me which type of wood I should buy from Bunnings ?


front yard.jpgfront yard -1.jpgfront yard -2.jpg


Also would appreciate any landscape  ideas (Budget )


Photos of my front yard attached.




Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: how do i do the edging (garden)of my front yard.

Hi @nfds,


A little tip with the corrugated edging is that it needs to be dug into the ground. You'll then use pegs to secure it in place, and then backfilled soil on either side holds it straight. You should find this step-by-step guide useful: How to install garden edging.


Some timber suitable for in-ground edging would be H4 Treated Pine Wet Sleeper 200 x 50mm - 1.8m or perhaps H4 Wet Sawn Treated Pine 150 x 25mm - 4.8m would be less imposing. Another option would be to attach Whites Outdoor 450mm Heavy Duty Steel Flat Stake Sleeper Pegs to the back of some 140 x 19mm 2.25m Merbau Pre-Oiled FJ Decking. Ideally, it would be best if you used the bracket to elevate the timber above the soil level. Having the timber elevated on brackets will prevent constant contact with the soil and moisture, extending the lifespan.


That overall area looks like it is sloping away from the house and it appears that there is also a mound where the palm is. Perhaps you might like to look at levelling the front area into one flat surface. This could require a small retaining wall running parallel with the front of the house and perhaps a timber step in front of the current concrete patio step. How far you can reduce the soil height around the palm might be the limiting factor to this though. I believe a flat surface would improve the looks of the area and provide more landscaping options.


Let me mention @Yanick to see if they would like to join the discussion.


Please let me know if you have questions.




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