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How to build a fence using hardwood?

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How to build a fence using hardwood?

Hi, I would like to install a small section of boundary fence that will run along side our yet to be installed back crazy paved patio. Approx 4 metres and  would like it to be three metres high but top section could be batons or screen of some kind. The neighbour is very amenable. The rest of the boundary walls are brick and about this height. 


Because we will be looking straight out our back windows and lounge area onto this area one option we are considering, apart from replacing with brick which is very expensive, is timber, which would soften the look and look nice in the patio area. But I would like it to be a bit of a feature wall. 


So my question is: can i get a fence made out decking timber like spotted gum? It will need to be a solid wall not a baton/screen fence. I have not seen anything like this. The closest I have seen is the merbau feature wall with vertical garden  of weekenddiyer in this thread and that is not a boundary fence and I think might not provide sufficient privacy????


Would love some advice here as the internet is a black hole on this.


Oh also I do know about the modular walls as alternative to brick and am looking into them too. 


Thanks Joan  


Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Hardwood fence questions

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @joanholt49. It's fantastic to have you join us and many thanks for your question.

I can't see any reason a boundary fence couldn't be constructed out of hardwood timber. Using decking boards as the planks would be significantly heavier than a pine fence, and you would need to accommodate for this with slightly larger concrete footers on the posts. I would imagine the reason you're having difficulty finding information on solid hardwood fences is that the cost associated with building them would normally be prohibitive. Generally, this a two-party agreement on what is being installed and in most scenarios at least one of those parties would be looking to replace the fence at the lowest cost possible.


You might like to check out Feature fences by @ProjectPete for some fantastic inspiration.


I look forward following along with your project and believe your idea will look spectacular once complete. Please let me know if you need further assistance or had questions.




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