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Water runs off from my 2 neighbors into my property causing it to pool in my backyard . I am at the end of a sloping cul-de-sac . The fence has a ga ...

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The council advised me, (quite strongly), not to attach anything to a colourbond fence. So my question is, if you only have the uprights @2m apart and ...

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Easy little project at my brother-in-law's place a couple of weeks ago. Took about 5 hours and cost less than $100. Really makes a difference. Th ...

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Spent the time finishing out backyard over this time at home. Started with framing off the area with a nice garden bed and an extra decking step. Foll ...

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A few years ago, I made some succulent frames to hang on our courtyard wall. After three years, they started to look a bit tired, so I remade them wit ...

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