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Hi there, the lawn in my backyard is dead due to lack of sun, I would like to start growing a grass but I need some suggestion about what type of gra ...

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Was checking out @Jason's blog post of top 10 garden makeovers & was motivated to add our story. BTW, I think some of Jason's picks (e.g. @maknilsin) ...

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We have finally completed the last major section of our front yard. As you can see we are on a steep slope which made the job quite tricky. After 5 ...

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Ive been meaning to do this for a while - My front yard only has x1 impact sprinkler - it really needs at least x2 (my backyard has x4 semi-permanent ...

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Spent the time finishing out backyard over this time at home. Started with framing off the area with a nice garden bed and an extra decking step. Foll ...

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Hi All First timer here. Please be gentle. I recently finished renovating my home and the lawn was all dug up because they had to lay drainage, plus a ...

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Hello Members, Hope you are doing well. Contractors laid our garden from where we were watering lawn; Wondering on time and the pattern to water ...

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    Gday all, just moved into this property (rental) and the lawn  is all weed. I’m wondering what I could do to possibly fix this? Would weed and ...

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Many lawns across the country are suffering after a long winter. Fortunately, a little care at this time of year can see the grass flourishing again i ...

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Hi Workshoppers, Earlier I started the below thread on the same topic, but wanted to add a project diary to share my fix. ...

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So as some of my fellow workshoppers will know - I built my first home in 2016 and moved in early February this year. It's modest block of land wi ...

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Project #2 After Before

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G'day everyone. I have $40.00 that I can spend on feeding the lawn this week. I believe it's a couch that came up itself after we built 18 months ago ...

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Could someone please help me. I wish to replant my lawn with grass seed and would like to know which is the best seed to use in Cairns FNQ> regardsGar ...