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How to create a new garden?

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How to create a new garden?

I would like to use part of my backyard as a garden.  How do I go about tearing up part of my lawn?  Do I need to get a landscaper in or is it a simple job I can do myself?  At the moment I am using planter boxes that are on wheels, but I am getting tired of dragging them off the lawn to mow it.


Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Creating a garden

Hi @Ricochet,


You might like to provide a little more detail and perhaps some pictures so our members have a better understanding of how they might assist.


The size of the area you want to convert to a garden bed will determine whether it is a simple job or not. At a minimum, you are looking at physically removing the grass with a spade from that area, turning over the soil and creating garden edges to define the space. You might find it easier to lay weed matting over the grass and then build the edge of the garden bed up with Rola Pak 1m 2 Log Ezy Log Garden Edging. You can then fill behind them with garden soil, creating a raised bed. Alternatively, if you were looking for something more substantial, @Adam_W has a fantastic guide on How to build a simple raised garden bed.


I look forward to hearing more about your project and answering any questions you have.





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