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How to kill weeds without harming other plants?

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How to kill weeds without harming other plants?

is there a weed killer to remove weeds from gardens without killing the plants in the garden? Warm/wet weather weeds are crazy out of control .. thanks 

new to planting and gardens 

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Re: How to kill weeds without harming other plants?

hi @kippa 

Commonly asked question but no luck here. Most herbicides will kill most plants. You can get some selective herbicides that will primarily control grasses, but this is not what you need here. My best advice is to get a contact herbicide like Glyphosate or some organic versions of the same but be careful how you apply it. The ready-to-use versions come in spray bottles so you can tune the nozzle down and only spray the plants that you want to control. Alternatively, you can use the wiper wands or the gel versions - they work well. Some examples below. 

Tradie tip: If you accidentally get some herbicide on a non-target plant - immediately wash it off with a hose or watering can.

Good luck. 


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Yates Zero Weeding Herbicide Applicator Brush - Bunnings Australia

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Re: How to kill weeds without harming other plants?

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @kippa. We look forward to helping your garden to flourish (and keep those pesky weeds at bay!)


Great to see you get some expert advice from @robchin.


I would recommend also having a good look at all the advice shared by the community in this Best Advice article: How do you control weeds in your garden?

There are lots of great strategies mentioned. 




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Re: How to kill weeds without harming other plants?

As far as I'm concerned, ready to spray insecticides -  are diluted. All you are paying for is a modicum of product, and the rest is probably water. Always buy the undiluted product. And for buying a spray poison that attaches to your hose - give that a big miss. Basically, you are are buying a lot of diluted product. Better off to buy the undiluted product and use it as you see fit. What I do, if there is/or are weeds within a group of plants, I just make up the mixture and put in say, in a bottle (glass) and use a paintbrush on the offending weeds. That way you won't overspray onto the plants you want to keep. Sorry Bunnings, but not everything you post, I agree with. So many toxins and poisons for sale. Incredible, Again why not advocate an environmental solution. Don't kill  anything or everything. Signage!!!!! of what creatures we need for our continued existence and flora, would be such a good idea. All those small living creatures are important to the environment. So to all, be very aware of what you are going to kill. Does it really matter, AT ALL, if you have bugs in your lawn. How do you know that those 'bugs' won't transform into something spectacular. But so many of you are just concerned about the state of your lawn. I'd rather worry about those necessary creatures (bugs and all else) being poisoned out of existence. They are in so many ways, our life blood.

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