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How to revive new Silver Princess plants?

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How to revive new Silver Princess plants?

Hi, I'm after some help. I have a nature strip that I bought some silver princess for. They are probably 1.5 weeks for being bought, still in the pots but seem to have keeled over and died .

It starts with the new shoots wilting and then the more mature leaves drying and then everything turning black.

Is this a soil fungus or have the pants got a disease?

Cheers David








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Re: Silver Princess dying

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @DavidParaons. It's fantastic to have you join us, and many thanks for your plant question.


There could be a few reasons for the demise of your plants. How often have you been watering them? The soil is obviously quite damp in the photos. Have they been sitting in that damp soil for the past one and a half weeks? If so, that would likely be the reason for them being sickly.


If these were plants purchased from us, we have a Perfect Plant Promise, and I'd encourage you to return them to the store you purchased from with your proof of purchase for an exchange. Our team can then advise on some care instructions to assist with your new plants.


Let me mention a few of our expert gardeners, @Noelle, @Adam_W and @BradN, to see if they have some thoughts.


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Re: Silver Princess dying

Hi @DavidParaons 
Well, I must say, I'm a bit baffled.
Assuming they have been getting adequate light (full-sun) and good water (not kept wet or allowed to become totally dry) they are actually considered as hardy & easy to grow.

If care has been appropriate then that does look like some form of soil/potting mix related problem. You could give them all a good drench with Anti-Rot at appropriate dilutions but realistically... if all appropriate care has been applied you shouldn't be having to do that with new plants.


Just FYI... here's a good fact-sheet (PDF download) form the WA Kings Park Botanic Gardens.

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