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Landscaping ideas

Finding My Feet

Landscaping ideas

Just looking for some tips. On how to hide this lovely looking drain. I plan to get rid of the fake grass and put some real turf down. But then there are concrete slabs all the way along to the other planter container.

any tips would be fantastic.




Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: landscaping ideas

Hi @Dan35353,


Welcome to Workshop. We're really pleased you could join us and look forward to seeing how you can transform your backyard space.


I would recommend you start by having a look at our Top 10 most popular garden makeovers for some inspiration, as well as the very recent backyard makeover by the @MakeItYours team.


I'd also suggest you share some more photos from a few different angles so members can get a better idea of the entire backyard space and better see what you are working with. We have an amazing community of clever and creative people sharing advice and inspiration every day, so I'm sure they would be happy to help as much as possible.


Thanks for joining in the discussion,




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Re: landscaping ideas

Hi Jason, thanks for the welcome.


here are some more photos to give a better look at my back yard. 


Thanks again  







Re: landscaping ideas

What sort of budget are you working with @Dan35353 and what sort of functionality do you want from your backyard? Kids? Adult entertaining? Both? etc

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Re: landscaping ideas

Budget of around $1000.

would like it to be safe for kids as having one early next year.

was thinking to put a veggie garden in.

just not sure of the best way to screen off the big drain with it still be accessible if needed.

Having an Impact

Re: landscaping ideas

Hi @Dan35353,
Could you put a raised vege garden bed on either side of the drain along the fence? Obviously you can't put anything on top of it because it needs to drain but some raised beds will draw the attention away from the drain a little.
Cheers, Roy
Amassing an Audience

Re: landscaping ideas

Painting the fence and getting rid of the artificial turf will help a lot @Dan35353


Obviously a timber deck instead of the concrete would be lovely, but the pebble resurfacer featured on might be worth a look. Or just some paving paint?  


I don't think the drain is a big deal, the key is having other features like greenery that draw your eye like Roy has suggested. 

Finding My Feet

Re: Landscaping ideas

Would a raised timber seating cover the drain ok ?! Then a raised vege/herb garden can still fit in behind it and kids love to climb and sit , use as a small stage and be able to help with the gardening. You would still be able to pick up and move the seat/structure as needed. If there were multiples of the seats in front of each raised garden bed it would look like design instead of coverup. Good luck 

Re: Landscaping ideas

Many thanks for joining in the discussion @tamloumor. I'm sure @Dan35353 really appreciates it.


We are looking forward to reading more of your posts soon, including your own projects and plans. Feel free to post anytime you need a hand or have something to share. We have an amazing community of clever and creative members sharing helpful advice and project inspiration every day, so are confident you will fit right in!




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Re: Landscaping ideas

Thanks for all the great ideas. I’m sure I have some planning to do.

Will keep you all posted in along the way:)



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