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Loose Pebble Paving

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Loose Pebble Paving

We are planning to cover the both sides of our house to the boundary fence (900mm wide easement x 40m long on one side x 20 long the other side).  Both side-accesses are rarely used as we have a drive through garage - we may walk down the side paths 4 times a year.  

1)  What is the best solution to cover the pathways?  We are thinking of weedmat and a layer of pebble stones?

2)  Choice of material (a) recycled concrete/brick aggregates  (b) river stones  (c) others?

3)  Sizes 10mm or 20mm aggregates?

4)  How thick should the aggregates be?

5)  Maintenance - do you blow off dust and leaves periodically?

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Loose Pebble Paving

Hi @Lockie,


That sounds like a fantastic project. You might like to post some images as our members could have some helpful suggestions once they see the area.


If these pathways are grass at the moment, you'll definitely want to lay weed matting down first. Otherwise, it will be a constant battle pulling weeds from between the pebbles.


Choice of material is really up to what you like the look of. As you've mentioned, if you rarely see these areas, then the most budget solution might be your best option. If you intend to blow leaves and debris off the rocks, you should go with a slightly bigger stone like the 20mm. It will make your life easier as the rocks won't blow away as well. The aggregate layer should be thick enough that you can't see the black weed matting through it. At around 40mm, you normally wouldn't be able to see through it anymore.


Please let me know if you have any questions.




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