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Mini succulent pot project

Growing in Experience

Mini succulent pot project

What do you get when you mix a girls love for crackers, dip and succulents? This DIY project was super simple for a drill novice like me, and the end result is so cute!!!
What you'll need:
  • A terracotta dip pot
  • Tape
  • A drill, with an 8mm Glass and Tile bit 
  • Cactus and Succulent soil
  • A cute little Succulent
  • Bottle of water
  • Chopping Board
  • Old towel
The process:
1. Eat the dip! Chris' Heritage range dips (although a little expensive) come in sealed terracotta pots which are perfect for repurposing!  However, they need a drainage hole to turn it into a pot for plants.
2. Place underneath your work area a chopping board and old towel.
3. Place some tape on the bottom of the pot over the area you want to drill.
4. Have on hand some water to pour onto the pot, pour some onto the pot ready for the drilling process.
5. Using a drill with a 8mm glass and tile bit, start drilling your hole over the taped area.
6. Continue adding water to keep the area wet.
7. Once you have your drainage hole, fill the pot up with some cactus and succulent soil and a little succulent, adding pebbles for decoration.
Dip container turned succulent pot 1 _ The Organised Housewife.JPG


Dip container turned succulent pot 2 _ The Organised Housewife.JPG


Dip container turned succulent pot 3 _ The Organised Housewife.JPG


Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Dip container turned succulent pot

Fun little project @Organised_House. Many thanks for sharing. I especially liked Step 1 - eating the dip! :grin:


A very warm welcome to Workshop. It looks as though you have lots of great ideas to share and that you'll fit right in. We hope you also receive plenty of helpful tips and inspo from community members in return. Feel free to post whenever you need a hand with a project or have something new to share. 


Thanks again,







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Growing in Experience

Re: Dip container turned succulent pot



I did exactly the same project a few months ago although I didn't drill a hole on it. I was afraid I might damage the pot as it is too small. I did put some gravel at the bottom for a good drainage. As you can see the plant is still growing just neded more sunlight to keep it's color darker. 

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