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Need garden fertiliser tips

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Need garden fertiliser tips

Hi all,


I'm based in Melbourne.


Just have a bit of confusion with some plant fertilising. With so many products on the market, it's so hard knowing when to use what, what you use together and what you use in replacement of another product.


As you can see, I have a couple on my shelf at the moment.


Am I right in saying Gogo and Dynamic Lifter are basically doing the same thing? Or are they different completely?


What about seasol citrus, should this be used alongside dynamic lifter/Gogo, or is it the same kind of thing again (for my citrus trees).


I have read powerfeed granules (green tub) only works in warmer weather as well, so I'm assuming this will have to wait a bit. Is this also the same as any other products, or are they all serving a different purpose?


I just need some guidance on what I should be using and when (even now during winter, should i be using something or wait until spring)?


The plants I am working with in my garden are Lilly Pilly, Magnolia and a fee citrus varieties.


Any guidance would be super helpful on how to maximise what I have (or what I should get) with the plants I have.


Almost at the point of wanting to throw everything out and invest in just one or two products, rather than have multiple and be confused as to what they do and don't do.


Thanks all



Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Garden Fertiliser Tips

Hi @tgeorgopoulos90,


So, the Dynamic lifter, Powerfeed liquid and Powerfeed granular are all a doing similar job of fertilising your plants. The Powerfeed granular is a good all-round long-lasting slow-release fertiliser that can be applied to any plant. The Powerfeed and Dynamic Lifter liquids are much the same thing but need to be applied more readily and contain organics like fish, seaweed and liquid compost. You can apply the chemical granular Powerfeed to all your plants to get a long-lasting coverage of fertiliser and apply the liquids as well.


The GOGO Juice is a bit different in that it's a liquid probiotic for all your soil and plants. GOGO Juice adds beneficial microbes to your soil to help break it down and make nutrients available to the plants. It can be applied alongside the chemical and liquid fertilisers.


By using all these products at their required application intervals and in moderation, you really have all your bases covered.


Regarding your question on what to apply now and then in summer, you can apply fertilisers now, but plants typically make the best use of them once the weather starts warming up.


Please let me know if you have any questions.




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Re: Garden Fertiliser Tips

Hi @tgeorgopoulos90 @MitchellMc great answer from Mitchell, which all correct. I too have a myriad of fertilisers in the garden shed, but it really depends on what you use the fertilisers for. I usually use pellet fertiliser for pot plants, hanging baskets main for ease of use, and like the instructions say, they are slow release, so the plants take up the fertiliser when they need it.


Go-go juice is brilliant when establishing a new plant or garden, it a bit like giving a plant gravy on dry meat 😜 you are feeding the soil around the plant, rather than the plant itself. I love go go juice, actually neutrog products are the top end of fertilisers and soil conditioners.


seasol is for when you need to give your plants a pep-up. It’s not really considered a fertiliser it self, rather than an overall fix to the plant. You can feed it all over the leaves and soil to aid the plant. If you have stressed plants, this is the go to option. When planting any new plant or seedlings, water in with seasol.


when ever you use fertiliser remember to remove the mulch, and give the plant a water in, then replace your mulch.Dont over fertilise you will burn your plants.


good luck,

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