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Pedestal fish pond with solar fairy lights

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Pedestal fish pond with solar fairy lights

I purchased the fibreglass pond several years ago from Bunnings and I since had a change of plan so it was not until recently I put it all together.


Owing to the Queensland climate when there is often torrential rain I decided to set the pond on a pedestal in this case on an old terracotta pot. In order to shelter it from heavy rain it has been partially covered under the eaves.


I had a Buddha head with its own plate underneath which had been used with a candle hence the holes in the head.


The pond has a shelf built in for plants as well and I purchased Goldfish for the pond and to give it a special feature I bought Solar Fireworks fairy lights online to give it some pizazz at night


  • Pedestal pot for underneath is terracotta and it was sealed first with Pond Sealant before painting 
  • The pebbles on edge of pond  I used are usually sold by the bag at landscape retailers I used Sika Seal Roof and Gutter sealant to adhere them to edge of pond.
  • Pond plants are available from Bunnings  garden area I have used pebbles in the base of pond as well can be omitted as per choice.Not shown in photo but take care to cover pond with a metal mesh 25mm square sheet available in various sizes at Bunnings to prevent birds from stealing your fish.Solar fairy lights "fireworks" was used in the head .
  • Paint used was an Exterior solar Acrylic Low Sheen colour 'Rare Ebony'
  • Solar Fairy Lights were purchased online.


  • Wire cutters are required to cut  metal  mesh screen covering pond cut to fit pond surface area. 
  • Spirit level
  • Pond Filter can be purchased to keep water from excess algae.


Step 1

When choosing the pedestal size  try to get a proportionate pot to suit the pond so that it looks  balanced top to bottom and make sure the base of the bond and the pedestal" sit well" together.

Step 2

Choose an area to place you pond so that it  can be easily accessed all around to attend to cleaning.

Step 3

When assembling the two parts together be sure to test pond for any leakages by filling with some water first.

Step 4

Next place base (Pedestal) and place spirit on top to check its level and then with someone else place pond onto pedestal

check levels again very important. If they are out ever so slightly you can use coins ie.. 20c pieces to balance the levels.

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Pedestal Fish Pond with Solar fairy Lights

Hello @Romarlie 


Thank you so much for sharing your pedestal fishpond project. What a cleverly assembled fishpond. My first impression was that it was all a single moulded fishpond with a foot design included. It was only later on when I read your instructions and realized that it was two pieces joined together. Is it very heavy and have you tried to shift it from its position? 


Can I please request for a photo in the evening with the fairy lights on? I'm sure the pond looks totally different at night with the fairy lights reflecting off the water in the pond.


Again, thank you for sharing such a wonderful project.




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Re: Pedestal fish pond with solar fairy lights

Good afternoon @Romarlie 

Thats a nice pond setup and love your instructions! Especially the 20c piece to level the pot if needed. How many times do I hunt for washers and even end up going to bunnings and buying large washers for more then 20c each lol.  The other instruction I think is very handy is making sur eyou have cleaning space around it! Yet again I have installed things without thinking of that issue :smile: 

Nice work.



Growing in Experience

Re: Pedestal Fish Pond with Solar fairy Lights

Hi Eric

Thanks for your interest in my pedestal fish pond, I am not the best photographer nor tech person  and I did take a night shot which I will try to add here for you . You asked about the weight well the pond itself is lightweight it was a Northcote pottery garden ponP1010930.JPGP1010933.JPGand not sure they are still available as I have had it for some time you might want to check their website . I would not advise getting one that was concrete or the like owing to it being too much weight on the base once filled with water. The lights are called fireworks  solar fairy lights very reasonable on Ebay around $14 incl postage. Regards Roslyn

Growing in Experience

Re: Pedestal fish pond with solar fairy lights

Hi Dave 

Thanks for your comments they were  much  appreciated I use the coins for other levelling jobs too you will be amazed how useful they are even  the ten cent pieces too and are   indestructable even outdoors.


Regards Roslyn

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