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Picket fence posts


Picket fence posts


We are planning on building a picket fence to replace our old cyclone wire one. We are wanting to do a 1m high fence with 900mm pickets. I've read that should mean that we need 1500mm posts. Is that right? Will there be enough post underground from stopping it from tipping over? Any advice on picket fence building would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Picket fence posts

Hi @MrsBoyfriend,


Sounds like a great project. We are looking forward to seeing it come to completion. 


I would recommend you have a good look at the Bunnings D.I.Y. Advice series on How to build a picket fence.


You are right that the posts are the most crucial part of your project so I've embedded the video below about How to install posts for a picket fence. I trust you will find it useful. 


If you have any questions after going through the videos and step-by-step instructions, please come back to us and I'm sure our experienced and knowledgeable members will be more than happy to help.


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