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Port Wine Magnolia

Finding My Feet

Port Wine Magnolia

Having read Sue's journey with her new garden, I would like to ask if Port Wine Magnolia's grow in sand?

We try to improve the soil here on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria but the front gardens are mainly sand, however, I have

managed to tickle success which has taken time and lots of effort but by crikey, total satisfaction when the plants not only survive

but bloom and grow and look fabulous.

But, will Port Wine Magnolia's have the same success?

They will be planted along a fence line, in all day sunshine, which is a Southerly aspect.

If not Magnolia's, which I might add is growing well nearby but not as Port Wine ones, then I would greatly appreciate


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Re: Port Wine Magnolia

Welcome to Workshop @AnneofRye123. It's lovely to have you join us. I'm sure you will receive loads of fantastic advice and inspiration for your projects around the home and garden from our ever-helpful and creative members. 


Let me tag horticulturalist @Adam_W as I know he has expertise about magnolias that he has shared in the past. Other members might also like to give you some suggestions. 


Please let me know if you ever need a hand getting the most from the Workshop site. 




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Re: Port Wine Magnolia

Hi @AnneofRye123 apologies for the delay & welcome!
It sounds to me, if you have other magnolias doing okay nearby, that port wines will do just fine.
All I'd suggest is that before planting you improve the soil with some quality compost or well-composted manure, not too heavy, just enough to add a little moisture-retaining organic matter, and that you keep them well-mulched with a quality mulch, remembering the mulch basics of... water before applying, apply at least 50mm thick, keep away from the trunk and water after applying.
Hope this helps!

Re: Port Wine Magnolia

Hi Adam,


Thank you so much for your input and advice.


The other magnolia type has survived so well because we have been doing just as you suggested.


Hard and long work but seeing the many blooms on it this year made up for the hard yards lol


Cheers, and again thank you.



Re: Port Wine Magnolia

My pleasure @AnneofRye123 , glad to help & very happy to hear how well things are working!


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