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Pots painting

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Pots painting


I love interesting patters & colors on my plant pots. I've done my research in the internet but I'm missing some elements:

For outdoor pots:

1) what's the best material the pot should be made of to get the best results?

2) what paint type should be used?

3) And for indoor pots? 

4) are there 'stencils' to use to get some elegant patterns? 

5) is it possible to paint on plastic pots? 

Thank you 


Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Pots painting

Hi @ventodimare,


It's fantastic to hear you are planning on brightening up your pots with some colour and patterns.


I'd recommend using terracotta pots as many paints will bond to them because of their porous nature. You can also use these indoors with a saucer


Most acrylic or enamel paint will adhere well to terracotta, including craft paints. However, I would advise coating the inside of the pots with Bondall Pot and Ornament Sealer before you begin. This will ensure moisture does not enter the terracotta and try to push your paint off the surface. Once you have finished applying your pattern to the surface, you can protect it with White Knight 310g Crystal Clear Acrylic Clear Gloss.


It is possible to paint onto plastic pots, and I would recommend our range of White Knight Squirts Spray Paints for this purpose.


I've checked with our suppliers and patterned stencils are not something that we have available. Let me mention the ever-helpful @Tara86 and @prettyliving to see if they would know where you could find some.


Please let me know if you need further help or had questions.




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Re: Pots painting

Hi @ventodimare 

There are plenty of stencils on Amazon & eBay, also I’ve seen them at most craft stores I’ve been to. 


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