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Worms! How do I get them?

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Worms! How do I get them?

I am in the process of renewing a garden bed and will be sifting soil to remove weeds, etc. before putting it in the new bed. 


The bed is on a clay base, with scoria and weedmat on the bottom, and will be filled above with soil. The bed itself is a mortared brick construction on a concrete rim slab. This is designed to keep weeds out but fear will also keep the worms out.


Can anyone advise if there is any benefit is buying worms to add to the garden? I was just thinking of adding the "worm farm" worms am interested to hear if you have tried this before and how successful it was.






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Re: Worms! How do I get them?

Hmmm... I believe worm-farm-worms are a different species and will not survive in a garden bed. But not 100% sure, can someone else please also comment?

If your garden bed has plenty of organic matters, the worms should turn up regardless of the non-organic structure of weedmat, brick and concrete! Nothing stops hungry worms! :wink:
Dig in some compost and blood & bone. Or you can try this -
1. Dig holes around the plants, but not too close to the root systems.
2. Fill up the holes with green waste (except disease plants and weeds) and kitchen scraps (uncook stuff only).
Also see the discussion on autumn leaves -
3. Cover them with soil and something heavy (I used a brick) to stop rats and possums helping themselves.
4. Water them while you water the plants.
Repeat the process every 6 weeks or when the green waste/kitchen scraps rotten down. You should see worms within a week or two.
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Re: Worms! How do I get them?

Good question. I am interested to hear the answer to this. I would be happy to buy them but wouldn't want them to immediately die if the soil is unsuitable! I guess an alternative might be to actually have a worm farm for the compost and keep adding that compost to the garden bed so you get all the benefit of the worm activity... 

Re: Worms! How do I get them?

When we got the compost bins started, we bought a box of worm casings from Bunnings and just added them to the compost. Since spreading the compost around the garden over the years we have worms everywhere and the soil has improved considerably.
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How to get worms in garden.

As I understand Garden worms or Earth worm's are different from worms for compost. Compost worms don't live in soil. They, as I beleive, will only live and multiple in compost and decaying green material.

Compost worms, move quickly when exposed where as Earth worms only survive in moist soil in cool positions and move much slower.

 When digging them up don't worry if you cut them in two or three you will have three new worms . They'll naturally mutlply quickly also.

You can place Earth Worms in different areas of soil, keeping them moist with a wet bag or hessian and only fertilise with animal manure till established.

Caution is required when using  chemical fertilisers.

Re: How to get worms in garden.

Many thanks for your post @Bobbiejohnultz. I've merged it with this existing discussion so that everyone will benefit from your great advice, particularly @tobiasfamily.


Thanks again for joining in the discussion and sharing your knowledge.



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Re: Worms! How do I get them?

I have proved that they will not survive as I have placed them in the garden and in less than a week they worn't any where to be seen.

Re: Worms! How do I get them?

How to get worms, that's easy, eat at dodgey restaurants. : P

Sorry, I couldn't help myself.

Re: Worms! How do I get them?

Hi Andy_Mann,


You have not disappointed me.


I knew somone would answer my question something like this.


Thanks for the laugh.

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Re: Worms! How do I get them?

Hi @tobiasfamily, there is actually a way to combine a garden bed and a worm farm that works wonderfully well. Check out this post over at Milkwood for the low down. It's well worth it!

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