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Your DIY improvisation ideas

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Your DIY improvisation ideas

I was in Bunnings yesterday, got what I needed, but had time to look out for grow bags, for fellow Workshopper, Trying (I was sure I'd bought some from Bunnings ages ago).


When checking aisles, I always take note of things that I can adapt/use to make what I can't find, so

things that I found that had potential to make use of:


A tarp of appropriate size that could be cut to make as many grow bags as required.


Multiple wooden garden stakes that will hold up the tarp while filling squarish or rectangular beds with soil, or only 1 stake/bed if round beds are preferred.


Some Gang Nails, (normally used to fix shade cloth) which in our case, will be used to secure the tarp to the wooden stakes.


If you'd prefer your grow bag to be vented, then randomly stab it with a sharp knife, or a skewer, once it's been filled with soil.


Bubble wrap, if you'd like some insulation, line the inside or outside.


Non-Bunnings sundry, depending on how paranoid you are about weed infestation, lay cardboard on the ground before setting up the grow bag(s).


Anyways, that's my improvisation, but I asked a Bunnings staffer for assistance, & found that ready made Grow Bags aren't stocked anymore, it was suggested that I check out a Disposable Skip bag which measures 1.3Mx1.3Mx1M tall, is tough as nails, & going for $15. I'd post a link to it, but Bunnings' web site won't cooperate. : (

If at Bunnings & want to check it out, it's labelled as a “BAG DISPOSABLE 1.3X1.3X1.0M SKIP JUMBO”.

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Re: Your DIY improvisation ideas

When we were in Brisbane over Xmas, mum got a weather station which she has been wanting for a while.  Solution, one copper log.  However it was missing something.  Deb and I went out and got some pots, hangers and plants and created a masterpiece.  Back in Perth, Deb was keen on doing the same thing at our place as space is getting short.  Solution, leftover bits and pieces this time as mum's creation cost a fortune.  See below for the complete recycled vertical hanging garden.

vertical pot.jpg

vertical pot1.jpg

Ok, I bought the coppers logs, but everything else is recycled.  Post quickset into ground. Rio and flat bar left over from a job welded to make hangers, jack chain and 5mm rod bent for the pots.  Pots are just ordinary black pots.  Paint (suitable for plastic) was applied to make them look different.  And of course heaps of herbs for upcoming BBQ delights (and beers of course).  And @Andy_Mann still not a gnome in sight.  Maybe I should get some to mow the lawn...... (giggle giggle)


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Re: Your DIY improvisation ideas

Thank you @Andy_Mann for the time and trouble you took to look for grow bags.I'll check them out when next at Bunnings. Cheers.


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