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dog proof irrigation system?

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dog proof irrigation system?

I have a large rooftop area with a lot of potted plants. Last summer I ran an irrigaron system and put in timer taps to keep everything thriving which worked well except... my dog keeps eating the sprays and drippers. She tries to bite the hose nozzel as well when watering - anyting with flowing water attracts her.


Any suggestions on how to keep the sprays and drippers in the pots so she can't pull tthem out?

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Re: dog proof irrigation system?

That must be really frustrating @artywah. Hopefully the Workshop community will have some suggestions for you.


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Let me also extend a very warm welcome to Workshop. I hope you find the site to be informative, inspirational and plenty of fun. Thanks for joining the community. 




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Re: dog proof irrigation system?



Very tricky one! I would check with the vet whether there's something safe you can use to keep the dog away. I know you can spray plants with white vinegar to keep dogs off, or sprinkle mustard or red pepper flakes. Otherwise you might have to consider some sort of border to keep the dog out of the area. Dogs don't like spiky things so you could use rose bush prunings?


Good luck.

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Re: dog proof irrigation system?

I don't think any sprays or coatings are going to work given that the water will wash them away. So I'd be trying to build physical barriers to keep the dog out. Good luck @artywah.

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