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Butler's pantry makeover

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Butler's pantry makeover



Our pantry conversion project!

We decided to convert our builder standard walk in pantry into a stylish, functional and practical butlers pantry. We did all the work ourselves, from gutting out the original fittings, plastering, painting. My husband built the custom floor to ceiling open shelves using mdf, which we painted to match the kaboodle kitchen cabinets. We love how it looks and more importantly, how the space works for us, as everything has a place now, which means its always organised and tidy


Materials used were

MDF STANDARD PANELS 2400X450X16, cut down to 420 for the shelf sides. Same panels used for the shelves

Pine for the base

Kaboodle cabinets - 2 door cupboard 600mm, 3 drawer cabinet and 200mm cupboard

Raw mdf kaboodle door fronts

Caesarstone benchtop 

Easycraft panels for the back wall 2420X1200 9MM EASYVJ

Dulux Natural white for the walls

Dulux semi gloss in Beige Royal Quarter for the cabinets and shelves

Door was custom made

We hope you enjoy our project! 😊





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Re: Butlers pantry conversion

Absolutely love what you've done with this space. Really made the most of it with a wonderful design in particular, incorating the benchspace. I'm hanging onto this idea for future projects !

Yours Kindly. For more, please follow @hausdiy_weekender
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Re: Butlers pantry makeover

This looks amazing well done you guys. 
loving the see through door from kitchen to the pantry. 

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Re: Butlers pantry makeover

OMG !!! Wow !!!! This is amazing 🤩 

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Re: Butlers pantry makeover

WOW! Pantry goal.. so organized. Love how everything is in it little section box. 

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Re: Butlers pantry makeover

Great work !

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Re: Butlers pantry makeover

Thanks so much for sharing your first project with us @Acewoodhome. You can already see how popular it has been!


Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community. It's fantastic to have you join us and we look forward to reading more about other projects and plans for around the home and garden. Please don't hesitate to post anytime you have something to share with members or need a hand. 




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Re: Butler's pantry makeover

I like how organised and pretty it is. I'm a bit confused by the concept of butler's pantries. Do you consider the exchange you've made between shelf space and bench space worthwhile? What will you use the bench for?

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Re: Butler's pantry makeover


The previous configuration we had, didn’t really work for us, as the shelves were too deep. We stored everything towards the front, which meant that the rest of the space was not utilised and if we did store anything behind, it was always forgotten about. Out of sight, out of mind. We have actually gained more pantry space by building all the way to the ceiling with the shelving and in fact, now have too much space. Plus we also have the cabinets as well for storing appliances and boards etc. So for us, yes it was definitely worthwhile. We use the bench space everyday, especially when using appliances. Helps keep the rest of the kitchen tidy

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I would like to know the wall to wall measurements of butlers pantry please


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