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How can I combine integrated appliances with a Kaboodle kitchen?

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How can I combine integrated appliances with a Kaboodle kitchen?

Integrated.pngI am trying to decide between different kitchen options (Bunnings and Ikea are the main contenders but have looked at select & Freedom amongst others). I was leaning towards Kaboodle and Bunnings but there does not seem to be any options for a build-in fridge or dishwasher. Has anyone got any experience with DIYing any built -in appliances with Kaboodle cabinetry or is there a custom build option for these? 


The kitchen is going to be in an relatively small open plan space and I don't want to be sat on my couch looking at the dishwasher and fridge - I very much want them to be hidden.  

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Bunnings Team Member

Re: How can I combine integrated appliances with a Kaboodle kitchen?

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @Abcc. It's great to have you join us and many thanks for your question.


Integrated appliances are certainly possible with the Kaboodle range and there are options available which cater to them.


I would advise reading through Kaboodles guides on appliances-






We have a range of dishwashers which are ready to have a Kaboodle door panel attached to them. I'm not sure if you are intending on using your current fridge or if you were wanting to buy one suitable for integration. If you simply want to hide your fridge, then with some custom work, you could add another door onto the fridge cabinet. That would require two doors being opened to access the fridge and you would need to check sizing on your fridge to make sure it fits.


Let me also mention the fabulous @redracer01 to see if he would like to join the conversation on integrated appliances and Kaboodle cabinetry.




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