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How difficult to replace fridge cabinet?


How difficult to replace fridge cabinet?


Hi! I’m about to move into my new house but the fridge cabinet is too small for my current fridge. Does anyone know how difficult it would be to replace this with a wider cabinet? And how much it would be? Currently it has a 2 door cabinet above the fridge space and a panel on each side. Trying to work out if it’s cheaper/easier to just buy a new fridge. Any advice would be much appreciated! 

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Re: How difficult to replace fridge cabinet

If the fridge cabinet is right up against the corner of that wall, then you would have to change out the cupboard beside it, and also resize your bench-top. It really depends how much wiggle room you have as to which will be the cheaper and easier option for you.

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Re: How difficult to replace fridge cabinet?

Hello @dotti


Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community. Thank you so much for joining us and sharing your question about removing and replacing your fridge cabinet.


It's great that you've received some advice from @RosieLynch. I suggest having a look inside your fridge cabinet and count the number of screws holding it up. Sometimes the cabinet beside it has an extra-long screw that holds those two cabinets together. It is something that you will have to explore.


Have you already found a replacement cabinet? Is it wider than the old cabinet? Have you considered how it will be attached to the existing panels? Would it be possible for you to post the make and model of your refrigerator along with its measurements? This will let our members have a better idea of what you have and allow us to offer you a comprehensive recommendation.


Please keep us updated, we look forward to seeing your refrigerator measurements.




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