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How to cut a brick galley kitchen bench down?

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How to cut a brick galley kitchen bench down?


Hello looking to take back the tall brick backing to a more modern height in our kitchen galley. 


What tool would you suggest to use to safely remove without damage to cabinets? Approximately 60cm high


Further information; we will bring it level to cabinetry and replace bench top with kaboodle water fall, then cover the rest of the brick backing with a vj panelling.

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Re: How to cut a brick galley kitchen bench down?

Hello @kristn4


Thank you for sharing your question about how to cut a galley kitchens brick wall down.


I recommend using Craftright 380mm Wrecking Bar to lift the timber trim under the slim benchtop. This will determine if the slim benchtop top has been glued on or attached with angle brackets. If it is attached by angle brackets, you need to remove the screws holding it so that the slim benchtop top can be taken off. However, if it is glued on, you'll need to use the wrecking bar and tap between the slim benchtop top and the brick face to remove it. 


After the slim benchtop has been removed, you can now proceed to remove the bricks. I suggest taping the brick wall to find the mortar joins, aim your wrecking bar at the mortar, tap the wrecking bar with a hammer into the mortar to loosen the brick. I propose removing the bricks one at a time to prevent damaging the cabinets and the brick wall itself. I recommend covering the kitchen table with cardboard or a movers blanket to protect it.


When you reach the height that you are aiming for, you can repair the brick wall with Multi-Purpose Acrylic Render. Are you changing your benchtops? If not you can always use the slim benchtop as an overhang.


Any updates you can provide while lowering your brick wall would be much appreciated. 


Let me tag our experienced members @JoeAzza and @JDE for their recommendations.


If you need further assistance, please let us know.




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Re: How to cut a brick galley kitchen bench down?

Hi @kristn4 

Further to @EricL  advice, to prevent cracking any brickwork or mortar than required, you could use a 100mm diamond bladed angle grinder to cut along the the mortar line, then use a mortar chisel to remove the brickwork, please note that when using the grinder, it will create a lot of dust. wear appropriate PPE, mask, gloves, hearing protection, safety goggles.





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