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How to install Caroma 50mm double bowl connectors?

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How to install Caroma 50mm double bowl connectors?

instructionsinstructionsblack washer in wrong placeblack washer in wrong place


We got one and this is the first time with such things. It talks of using two washers but only supplies one.  And the one they supply if used on either of the ends wouldn't all the screw down thing to screw down so that couldn't be what it is for.

So - where/how to use the black washer they supply?

       where/what washers to complete a watertight fitting with these things?

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Re: How to install Caroma 50mm double bowl connectors?

Hello @abrogard


Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community. It's fabulous to have you join us, and thank you for sharing your question about the double bowl connectors.


Before we begin, your kit is suppose to have 3 particular o-rings. There are two flat o-rings and one bevelled o-ring. If any of these o-rings are missing please speak to the plumbing specialist at your local store. They can provide you with the missing o-ring or exchange it for a complete set. 


Below are the general steps to assembly:


  • All existing connections must be removed from the bottom of the sink. Any extension piece, collar spacers must all be taken off. The only thing left will be the kitchen plug and waste. No other parts must be attached to the plug and waste.


  • Layout the double bowl connector on the floor. The "T" junction must be placed to the plug and waste that lines up with the sink trap. If it fitted on the wrong side you will not be able to connect the sink trap to the set.


  • The "T" junction will use two o-rings. One flat o-ring is for the top and the bevelled o-ring is for the side connector. No o-ring is needed for the bottom.


  • Attach the "T" junction to the plug and waste. Push the assembly to the bottom of the plug and waste to make sure that the "T" top is seated neatly with the bottom of the plug and waste. Tighten the locking collar firmly but not overly tight. 


  • Next, take the "L" connecting piece and attach the flat o-ring on the short end. Attach it to the opposite plug and waste but do not tighten the locking collar. 


  • Swing the "L" connector until it meets up with the "T" connector. The "L" piece is usually long and will need to be trimmed down. You need to trim it past the bevelled o-ring. If you trim too much it will leak, so better to trim a little and work your way back until it fits correctly.


  • Once you've cut the "L" piece, push it into the "T" connector and then screw the short piece to the plug and waste. If the bevelled o-ring is too dry use vaseline to lubricate the o-ring.  


  • Connect the sink trap to the bottom of the "T" connector.


It is better to add extenders to the bottom of the sink trap rather than trying to adjust the double bowl connector. If your bowls are not at the same depth, that is the only time you will need to add an extender to the double bowl connector. If they are the same depth there is no need for any connectors or extenders. I've placed a basic diagram below. If you have any other questions about your double bowl connector, please don't hesitate to post them.


Please keep us updated with your progress, we look forward to seeing your double bowl connector installed.


If you need further assistance, please let us know.





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