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How to replace and reface a kitchen drawer?

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How to replace and reface a kitchen drawer?





 I recently had an IKEA induction cooktop installed, replacing a gas cooktop. If installing this cooktop over drawers, IKEA stipulates that you must insert an IKEA heat shield and make some space for ventilation under the unit. The instructions require you to hang the heat shield off some hooks at the top. Unfortunately the kitchen drawers in my kitchen have the runners at the top, so this is not possible. Just to be able to use it now, I removed one of the three drawers to allow for ventilation, but I would really like to purchase a new drawer case with runners at the bottom of the drawer, but reface it with the old flatpack drawer face. Preferably cutting that face down a bit to allow for ventilation at the top, and perhaps then re-sealng the bottom strip of the particleboard face with some sort of tape? The dimensions of the drawer are 56 cm across & 50 cm deep. Does Bunnings sell a drawer case this size? Which could be re-faced? &and if not, do you have any other suggestions to resolve this problem? Many thanks, KitKate


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Bunnings Team Member

Re: replacement and refacing a kitchen drawer

Oh, OK! I get it now @Kitkate. I thought the drawer bottom would hit the drawer below, but now I see the front is much taller than the drawer. So, I'd look at cutting the bottom of the drawer front off just about in line with the bottom of the drawer. Move those runners down and bobs your uncle!


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Re: replacement and refacing a kitchen drawer

I really appreciate all of your help and this discussion, Mitchell, thank you very much. It’s been very, very useful. (Cross fingers I can get this to work.) Thanks again, KitKate

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