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Kitchen pantry makeover

Making a Splash

Kitchen pantry makeover

This pantry of ours was another project of mine as a weekend DIY warrior :). It was great fun and we are really happy with the way it turned out. I learnt heaps from this project.



First job was to build the table to hold the coffee machines and cabinets for the appliances


It was always a bit of a chaotic pantry


Next was ripping out the interior, the doors and the middle wall.


Then I started building the internal cabinets


Then adding some LED lightning and decorative walls.


The last part was building a couple of drawers to hold some more stuff.


Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Kitchen pantry

Hello @shaunbteam


Thank you for sharing your kitchen pantry remodelling project. I've always found open pantries dark and disorganized, but not in this case, adding the LED's and feature tiles around its perimeter really highlights the area. Because you've organized it so well, it doesn't look overcrowded. I really like the benchtop you've placed inside as it makes the pantry look like it's still part of the kitchen. Would it be possible for you to tell us what gave you the idea to design your pantry in this style?


Again, thank you for sharing your fantastic kitchen pantry project.




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Re: Kitchen pantry

Thanks Eric, as with most of my great ideas, it came from my wife :smile:

The idea was to put some barn sliding doors on the pantry, but we decided we liked the open look and if we grew tired of it we will put the doors on at a later stage. So far we are enjoying it quite a bit.

I put the same wooden benchtop in as the rest of the kitchen to give it that flowing look. Also having the LED lights highlights it nicely. Thanks again for you feedback!

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