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Can I put a television above a fireplace?

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Can I put a television above a fireplace?

Hi everyone!


Question for you all.

Has anyone out there got a TV that is mounted above an open fireplace?


We have limited space in our living room and would love to maximise the space and have the TV mounted on the wall. The only place that would work though woudl be above an open fireplace that through winter is on nearly every day. 


Does anyone know if there are any risks involved in placing a TV above an open fireplace? I am worried that the smoke will ruin the TV if it does happen to come out, or the wall will be too hot. 


Any advice is welcome







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Re: Can I put a television above a fireplace?

Yes..not a good idea to have a TV above an open fire place..
There is a minimum distance recommended above a fire place opening for mounting the TV..I don't know what it is , but I guess it's quite a distance up for safety regions..
That would mean that the TV will be fairly high up and might be uncomfortable for viewing..
I would try to find another location if possible..
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Re: Can I put a television above a fireplace?

Yes it's OK to do @kaylah_rose provided you meet the minimum requirements. Which, like @Prof said, it could create an uncomfortable viewing angle. Last time I checked because I was going to do this, the distance wasn't as much as I expected it to be and the way mine was to be configured, it would've been spot on for viewing.


Can you share a photo of the space please?

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