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Faux hanging pendant light

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Faux hanging pendant light


I wanted something decorative in my sons room. 

- kmart lamp shade

Puck lights 

- Pine and pine dowel

- string/twine


- I super glued the backing of the puck light inside the lamp shade. You can still remove it to replace batteries.

- cut a circle out of pine.

- drilled a hole with a spade bit.

- glued and hit the dowel in.

- I couldn't figure out how to attach the wooden piece to the lamp while still allowing the lamp to sit level. So I drilled a hole at the bottom, inserted some smaller dowel and then tied the lamp around the dowel. Not the greatest idea but it works.


- then stuck to the ceiling using command strips.


Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Faux hanging pendant light

Hello @AnitaP


Thank you so much for sharing this fantastic faux hanging pendant light. If you had not mentioned it, I would have automatically assumed that this was wired in. That is a nice touch indeed, the best part is that if you ever want to change the puck light to something really fancy you won't need to call the electrician. Here is an example of a remote-controlled colour changing puck light -  Lytworx Colour Changing Water Resistant Puck Lights - 2 Pack.


Again, thank you for sharing such a creative hanging pendant light.




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