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How to fix floating shelf screws?

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How to fix floating shelf screws?





How do I fix my floating shelf, had things on it. And it dropped from the weight, screws were tightened but it’s dropped again and it’s cracked around the brace at the screws in the wall 

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Good evening @Thunderboy 


Did you install this bracket?

Did any of those screws strike a stud or horizontal noggin?

I'll take a punt and say none of them have as all of the three upper screws look like they're being torn through the gyprock.

May I suggest taking the bracket down and looking at what anchorage fitting is behind it - if none, then probe the holes looking for wood with say a thin piece of wire.


If no anchors or wood, then we need to look at better anchorage and/or locating wood behind the gyprock.


Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: How to fix floating shelf screws?

Hello @Thunderboy 


Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community. It's sensational to have you join us and thanks for sharing your question about your floating shelf.


It's great that you've received excellent advice from @Noyade. Plasterboard tear outs is often an indicator that too much weight was placed on the shelf. What kind of anchoring device did you use on your wall? Did you use WallMate or a hollow wall anchor?  


Noyade's suggestion is spot on. A timber stud must be located so that the shelf will be straight and strong. I recommend having a quick look at this guide - How to use a stud finder. However, if there is no stud in the location you are after, I suggest using Ramset Super Wallmate Toggle Anchor. It is suitable for for heavy duty, vibration resistant fixing in plasterboard for cavity walls or ceilings.


If you have any other questions we can help with, please let us know.




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