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How to remove mould in carpet underlay?

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How to remove mould in carpet underlay?

Renting - Moisture from bathroom damaged bedroom floor - been this way for a few years, but this year the water didn't evaporate as much, as the air was too humid - so got water accumulation and mould, rotten timber base of carpet


Now moisture source removed, now need to fix up the mouldy moist carpet and Underlay and timber base underneath- underlay seems most problematic as when I try to wash it, it starts to fall to pieces - real estate agent planning to replace flooring in entire room- it is a bit expensive - is it avoidable?

Interested in tips about mould removal ,or if you think reflooring the entire room is also the way to go.





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Re: mould in carpet underlay

That's what the flooring company did -


- Removed carpet, removed carpet underlay, removed some of mosaic timber

- Did not do specialized mould treatment




- Filled the gaps in timber with "ardit" - They said it does not let the mould grow.




I understand there is  mould on top of the cement under the "ardit" still - what will happen to it - is it still in the air?


Isn't this flooring colder than the timber mosaic?


They are going to install the new carpet on top of it in two days or so.

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Bunnings Team Member

Re: mould in carpet underlay

I'd suggest that any mould under the newly poured cement will cease growing @st22. Regarding mould in the air, that might be a question best posed to a mould removal specialist. It depends on the mould amount and whether the spores were disturbed and became airborne. If you have concerns, I'd suggest taking them up with your property manager.


I can't imagine you'll notice any significant temperature difference between the carpet being laid over timber or cement. Potentially the cement might transfer more cold through the carpet than the timber, but given it's such a small area, I can't foresee that being an issue.




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