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How to replace a timber floor?

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How to replace a timber floor?

Hello I’ve ripped up my old floor due to white ants now it’s just dirt underneath as a old stone house what’s my best plan of attack to replace the whole floor it’s just dirt room atm am I best to do the beams and make sure it’s level and nail boards on top? Just a newbie to building cheers 

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Re: How to replace a timber floor?

Hello @alexy362 


Welcome to Bunnings Workshop! Would it be possible to post some photos of the area. It would help us better assess the area and condition of the floor area so that we can offer best advice to your situation. Just to clarify did you have the area sprayed by the pest control people? I only ask so that we know that you have been protected against a new invasion of white ants. Thank you.




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Re: How to replace a timber floor?

It's great to have you join us @alexy362, and it's fantastic to see @redracer01 is already assisting.


As he's mentioned, some pictures would be very beneficial for our members when offering advice. The steps you've mentioned would be the basic approach, but we'd like to provide some in-depth help, so we'll need to see how those beams will attach to the rest of the frame.


I look forward to hearing more about your project.




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