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Limewash for dining table

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Limewash for dining table

Can anyone help with the best product to use for the purpose of creating a limewash finish to a previously dark stained dining table.  I don't know what wood has been used for the dining table and obviously the dark stain will need to be sanded back to raw timber.  I have looked at the Feast & Watson Liming Solution and Porters Paints Liming (not recommended for Western Red Cedar).  Has anyone in the community successfully achieved this look from a previously dark stained furniture piece?  Many thanks for assistance in advance.

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Bunnings Team Member

Re: Limewash for dining table

Welcome to The Workshop community @Powells. Many thanks for your question on limewashing, I'd be happy to assist.


Depending on the vintage of the dining table you might find that it was just a stain/varnish combination product used on it. This will be the best-case scenario as when sanding you'll find the stain will have only penetrated into the very topmost layers of timber and be easily removable. It is much more likely that the timber is pine instead of western red cedar and if you can take some photos we can try to identify it for you. The underside of the table might not have as many coats of product and allow us to easily pick the type of timber.


Limewash will just as easily go over a darker stain as it will lighter timber the effect will just be different. The contrast between the limewash and darker stain can be quite attractive, it just depends on what type of finish you are going for.


Personally, I have only ever used the Feast & Watson product and it has worked perfectly for me. I would be interested to hear what our other helpful members have used on their projects.




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Re: Limewash for dining table

Many thanks Mitchell - I think the Feast & Watson product looks good and will try it on the underside of the table to see the effect.  

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