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Murphy Bed

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Murphy Bed

As l have limited space. I would like to build a Murphy Bed, has anyone got any tips regarding plans etc etc. As l have inquired IKEA,Gumtree & Facebook Marketplace. The advertised only appears for short time or no contact at this time. I’ve decided the next thing is build myself. Hence why lm here 

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Re: Murphy Bed

Some plans and kits that can be imported. 

Adelaide based DIFY or unpriced DIY kit. 

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Re: Murphy Bed

Hi @james09,


Welcome to Workshop. It's great to have you join the community and we look forward to seeing this project come to fruition. 


In addition to Brad's helpful links, you might be interested in seeing this project by @woodalwaysworks -


Let us know if you need anything further.




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Re: Murphy Bed



Is this for a guest room? Years ago I built one in my wifes art studio between two bookshelves. Basically just built a bed box between them with a lip on room side. (Supports head of bed when folded out). Then used ply for base with a 2x3 edge hinged off edge of blanket box. We used a couple of tiedown straps to hold matress when it was folded up and put pillows in the bed box.  On the outside (bottom of bed) we put some trim to make look pretty and 4 screw in legs. Son was always too lazy to screw in legs when using and used to often just put 2 milk crates under fold out end. To hold up we had 2 pins that went through sides of bookshelves into 2x3 edge. Sorry have moved so no pictutes. Just remember when building you need to decide if you want a double or queen as base size will be different.



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Re: Murphy Bed

Me too!

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