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Smart hybrid flooring installation


Smart hybrid flooring installation

20210626_222021.jpgNew Loungeroom Hybrid Plank Install.


We have yellow tongue floor on a steel frame, so went with a plywood layer between to reduce the bounce factor (and noise). The floor is Smart Home Products Hybrid Flooring in Artic 

( )


Tools needed:

Knee guards

Sharp knife

Spare blades


Straight edge

Masonite packers

Rubber hammer

Flooring 😬

Skirting boards






The pattern repeats, but not in the same location on the boards. We would lay a row at a time and then have to view it from all angles to ensure we didn't have an accidental match up (some are inverted as well 🤯). We messed up one, but it will be under a radiator 🙄 eventually. 


As it's a new room, we didn't have to use the quad lengths to hide the gap along the edge; instead we used low profile bullnose skirting to match the rest of the house. 


Google how to stagger the boards and use up the end off cuts for the start of every other row. Smart have a QR code on the front of the box which links you to this and the tricks on how to click them properly. They do pop, you will need to run your hand over the run every now and then to check that's it's smooth. 


They cut with the straight edge and a knife, the jigsaw was for around the entrance and to cut the last board long edge side for the finish up at the end. 



This is an upcoming job. We will be dropping off this transition strip at a powdercoaters to be made satin black and then will install at the loungeroom entrance. Consider dog help an optional extra.




Walls: Tranquil Retreat

Trim: Water based enamel satin white

Windows: Rustoleum Satin black

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Retired Team Member

Re: Smart hybrid flooring installation

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @RAW. It's great to have you join us.


Thanks for sharing so much detail about how you tackled this project and some of the challenges along the way. The end result is incredible and you've done an excellent job. 


We'd love to see updates as you finish up this room.




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