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Walk in wardobe dimensions?

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Walk in wardobe dimensions?

how much space does a walk in wardrobe take? I would like to build one in my main bedroom but before I can work out where best to place it I need an idea of how much room it will take? 

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Bunnings Team Member

Re: walk in wardobe

Welcome to the Workshop community @wendym66. Many thanks for your question. We look forward to answering it for you.


Could you please share a sketch showing dimensions of your main bedroom, so that members have a better idea of your space requirements? The size of the walk-in wardrobe will very much depend on the size of the room it is going in. The sketch will also allow members to assist in where best to place the addition.


We look forward to seeing your project progress. I'm sure our creative members will have plenty of helpful advice and inspiration for you.




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Re: walk in wardobe

Thank you I will try and draw that up and post it. Thanx

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Re: Walk in wardobe dimensions?

To get an idea of what volume it will take up have a think how your going to store things. Hanging, 600-700mm boxed from the wall. If your going to fold or use storage cubes, how big do you want them or your shelves to be.  Draws can be one of the hardest things to make so don't be afraid to buy fabricated then base your sizes around those, depth/width. 

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