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Walk-in wardrobes - yes or no?

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Walk-in wardrobes - yes or no?

A walk-in wardrobe is a popular design choice that one Domain contributor deems unnecessary. You do lose floorspace and probably don't gain much storage space, although you do typically get a "private" area to dress/undress. 


Do you like walk-in wardrobes or do you think the space is better utilised elsewhere in the home?

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Re: Walk-in wardrobes - yes or no?

From a design point of view they
1. Add sound proofing between rooms
2. Structurally the intersecting attached WIR walls stiffen and strengthen the structure
3. Like most things there is an optimum design/build ie graph data ie. material/cost/size

Most people make choices on Facts and Proofs

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Re: Walk-in wardrobes - yes or no?

I once lived in a tiny apartment that had a walk-in wardrobe built around the ensuite bathroom. I call it a 'walk-in', but in reality it was barely bigger than a regular built-in wardrobe. Despite the strange design, it was actually a really clever way to maximise space in the tiny apartment, although it did make using the only bathroom in the apartment very poky - it was a bit like entering Narnia when you emerged out the other side into the bathroom! A strange experience for guests no doubt...
I think if I was renovating a house, the only time I would really include one is if there was an awkward space leftover that I could take advantage of, but the majority of the time I think a standard built-in wardrobe would be sufficient.
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Re: Walk-in wardrobes - yes or no?

Yes- yes- yes ... would love to have a walk in robe .. BUT it would have to be LARGE - roomy and tons of shelves - drawers- shoe rack -hanging space.

Hmmmm .. think I have to build on to the house!     lol

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Re: Walk-in wardrobes - yes or no?

@Isobel, from an aesthetic point of view, they do tend clean the lines of a bedroom, & provide extra wall space for furniture/decoration.


Ours is simplistic, in that it's a single door entry from the master bedroom, to 1.8m of hanging/stacking space either side, leading to the 1.8m square en-suite. No evidence of mildew/mold in the robe, in the 41 years of occupancy.


I also like the part wall behind the bed design, with the doorless robe being easily accessible from both sides of the bed, & completely out of sight. My very clever/creative Uncle, did that about 50ish years ago, & it looked amazing.

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